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About Password Generator Tool

Welcome to the password generator website where you can create strong and secure passwords for the online services you use for free. The aim of this website is to provide you with an easy to use tool which allows you to generate complex, hard to guess passwords which will reduce the risk of you getting hacked by cyber criminals.

The free online password generator tool we offer at this website includes a number of options for you to generate a secure password. You can change the password length, include numbers, symbols or use upper case characters in the password you generate at the website with a click of a button

Password Tips

The Following tips will help you create a strong and secure password to keep you and your personal data safe online.

Hackers and cyber criminals are working 24 hours a day to steal passwords online in order to fuel criminal activity.
Dont be the next victim create a strong, secure password.

  1. Don't use the same password for websites or social media accounts use a diffrent password.
  2. Never share your password with someone you dont know via phone, email or a website.
  3. Don’t use personal information in your password like your name or names of family members, pets name, home address, phone number, or birthdays.
  4. Create a password that is 10 characters or more which includes an upper case character, number and symbol.
  5. Change passwords on the regular basis at least every 3 months.
  6. Avoid using words in the dictionary as your password.
  7. Avoid resetting or using a password in public place like a cafe unless you are connected to a secure network.
  8. Keep your computer, mobile, tablet operating system and software applications upto date
  9. Use a VPN, Firewall and ensure your anti virus software is upto date.
  10. Always lock your computer, smart phone or tablet in a public place.


Do you store or save password at this website ?
No passwords are stored or saved at this website when you use the password generator

What is a good Password ?
A strong password has many characters (we suggest 15 characters), contains both uppercase and lowercase letters, has numbers (preferably not tacked on the end), should contain symbols. The more complex your password the more difficult it will be to get cracked by the cyber criminals.

Why is it important to have a strong, secure password ?
More and more services including online banking, shopping, NHS services and much more use digital services which require a user name and password to access the services they offer however as the growth in online services has rocketed so has the number of people who get exploited by the cyber criminals.
Hackers are working 24/7 365 days a year to get access to your personal or business information. The reality is you can no longer use the same password for all your websites or social media accounts or use passwords like "Password123" because the cyber criminals will steal all your money from your bank account and sell your personal information on the dark web for criminal purposes.
Just imagine waking up to find out that your bank account has been cleared out, your credit card maxed out and your personals details have been used to take out a loan. The fact is you must ensure you use different strong, secure passwords for the different online services you use.